Credit cards process very slow. my internet speed is fine but my EDC database is a few years old and the file size is getting large. Is there a way to compact the EDC database?
When I weigh an item, the weight comes up almost immediately on the scale but my POS takes almost 5 seconds to display the same weight on the screen. Is there a way to make this faster or a reason why?
How do I close out of Comcash?
POS freezes when tendering sales
How do I setup customer loyalty in Comcash?
How do I fix error 500 when tendering sales?
My Cash Drawer is not opening with Star TSP 100
How can I use coupons in Comcash?
What antivirus to you recommend?
How do I find my computers IP address?
My Weightronix 6720 scale has an “Error-3” on the display and won’t weigh anything. What does it mean and how do I fix it?
Comcash Prompts for Registration Codes when thumb drive is plugged in
Why do I get an “Invalid Expiration Date” when processing credit cards, with pcCharge
what does error 515 on receipts mean?
How do I configure and print gift receipts in Comcash ?
Why is my register printing an extra copy of my receipts?
Everything on my menu is taxed and I’ve double checked that all menu items have tax associated with them – but I’m still getting non-taxable sales when I run a sales report! Am I doing something wrong?
What does the “compact database” button form the back office do?
How can I get my businesses logo to be a screensaver on my computer?
My touchscreen is out of alignment – when I touch the screen it isn’t accurate anymore, how do I recalibrate my screen?
What is the difference between a router and a switch?
How do I connect the cash drawer to my computer?
My display is showing the price on two lines, how do i fix it?
How do I check the balance on a gift card?
How do I check the balance on a gift card?
How can I tell what model my system is? How do I tell what hardware I have?
I changed my restaurant name, how do I change this in aldelo?
How do I backup my POS and how often should I do this?
I have a new employee whats the best way to train them on the Aldelo system?
My business is offering a $10 for $20 Groupon deal? How would I set this up in Aldelo?
My kitchen printer won’t print in aldelo or windows how do I test?
Aldelo Minimum Requirements
Aldelo Error 3251

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