Upgrade Aldelo Windows 7

If you are looking to upgrade Aldelo Windows 7 from Windows XP, or upgrade Aldelo Windows 7 to Windows 10…Shoreline can help!

Upgrading the Windows operating system system of your Aldelo point of sale system is one of those things that needs to be left to the experts!

With the recent SHA-2 upgrades in the credit card processing industry, there are a number of mandatory upgrades that NEED to be implemented if your system is to not have any downtime! If these necessary updates/upgrades are not performed you may not be able to process payments through your point of sale system, and you will also not be PCI Compliant.

These changes have been deemed necessary as Aldelo, in efforts to increase overall credit/debit card security, is transitioning to SHA-2 (Secure Hash Algorithm) level certificates which have been proven to provide stronger encryption for transactions.

Here’s how you can check Windows version:
– First, click on the Windows Start Menu (in the bottom-left corner)
– Then, click on Control Panel
– Next, click on “System”, or “System and Security” and then System

The version of Windows should be listed in the box which is now open, under the Windows Edition section. Versions XP, POS Ready 2009, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista will NEED to be upgraded.


To upgrade your Windows version or for any Aldelo POS-related issue, contact Shoreline Technical Services right now at: 714-581-8000

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Shoreline Technical Services specializes in Aldelo POS support for Aldelo point of sale systems, and has highly experienced technicians ready to hep you RIGHT NOW! Call 714-581-8000 for IMMEDIATE support.

Located in the U.S.A, Shoreline Technical Services is a private support company, specializing in delivering point of sale technical support to restaurants, retailers and hotels worldwide. We specialize in Aldelo™ POS technical support, but our services also extend to Comcash, Softtouch, PC America, and many more point of sale systems!

If you are in need of Aldelo POS technical support or general help with your point of sale system – no matter where your business is located – Shoreline Technical Services can help!

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At Shoreline Technical Services, our team is made-up of a combination Aldelo point of sale support professionals, as well as hospitality/retail veterans. We understand everything that goes into keeping a business running, and at the forefront is a fully-functioning point of sale system. Call 714-581-8000 for Aldelo IMMEDIATE support.

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